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Swank Fields

These are fields that are used (and reserved) by the Swank core system.


This is the page's full path, and always begins with a slash.  (but without any extension) With the default Swank::Storage module, it coincides with the filesystem path, beginning from the swank content root directory.

It is a candidate for renaming to swank_path to put it in a common namespace/prefix, but it is so commonly used that I am reluctant to do that.


This is the page's name, without the directory path or extension.  It is definitely planned to rename this to swank_name, because users (including me) will want to use "name" for their own purposes.


Displayed title for the page.  This has no special meaning internally, so it will not be renamed to have a swank_ prefix.  It is widely used when displaying the name of the page, for example in links. 

TODO: it will be used in the html <title> tag. 
TODO: make it a standard field for the default wiki type?

It is useful to define a field named title to contain the name or short description for a record. (e.g. /calendar/event)  This will then be shown as the page title in appropriate places.

A method called title can be defined to give the title based on other fields.  This is especially useful at the type/template level. (e.g. /user.title)


This defines what "type" of page this is, or in other words, what page is used as the template for this one.


User (name) of last person to edit the page.   (currently it is the name, not the path, which needs fixed)


Date when the page was last modified.


What page should wrap around this page.  Defaults to the site page in the current directory.


Pages in the inheritance path (page or type) can define this for content to be automatically injected into the html <head> section.  Pages not in the inheritance (e.g. site) must call $io->html_head($self->html_head) to get the same effect.


see the auto_menu app. 

This is a candidate for a standard field on the default wiki template.