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Wikilink is my plugin for TinyMCE which makes creating links very simple and easy. 

The old TinyMCE links buttons (basic and advanced) both require a popup dialog to load, which takes time.  You then type your link text into a text entry and click the insert button to create the link.  Changing the link, or even seeing where it links too, also require you to open the popup dialog.

Wikilink makes links simple and easy in several ways. 

1-click links:  First, the wikilink button automatically creates a link from the selected text, using the text for the value of the href attribute, which is typically what you want in a wiki.  Optional style options can convert to CamelCase, strip spaces or punctuation, etc.

No popups: Second, it adds a wikientry text box to the tool bar, which shows the href value of any link under the cursor.  You can change the link directly in the text box, with out any popup dialog.  If you erase the href value, the link will be removed.

0-click links: If you click the wikilink button, or just use the shortcut key control-L, and there is nothing selected, the current word will be selected and made into a wikilink.  (This required a hideously complex bit of hacking to make it work in firefox.)