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We currently use TinyMCE as our wysiwyg editor. It is easily configurable and very customizable.

We created a custom wikilink plugin for simple and easy link creation and editing.  (available on sourceforge)  It features a one-click link creation button, which makes the href value the same as the link text.  I also has a link editing text box right in the toolbar, so you do not need to wait for a popup dialog to change the link.

It is possible to use other wysiwyg editors.  We started out with kupu as the wysiwyg editor, and later changed to TinyMCE, which is much better.  To set up a different editor, you just install it in your site root, and change /field/wiki to use it.  Then do lots of testing.  It would be great if someone would contribute a nicely configured way of using FCKEditor.