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Type Task Pri Status By Description
task Task-14 1 In Progress Ad Hoc reporting page
task Task-43 1 In Progress Security Audit
milestone Milestone-80 1 In Progress Task for release 0.05
task Task-22 2 New Consistent field methodology
task Task-25 2 New TESTS for Session, Security, IO::CGI
task Task-68 2 New Copy/Move/Rename pages
task Task-20 2 In Progress rename "name" field to something less used by users
task Task-12 2 In Progress Navigation aids
task Task-8 2 New Revamp security & groups
task Task-84 2 New wikientry 0-click shortcut not working on chrome
task Task-85 2 New github module
task Task-7 2 In Progress better handling of new actions
task Task-87 2 New Store entire page in elasticsearch
task Task-60 3 New Recurring Events in Calendar
task Task-70 3 New Add cascading delete to Swank::Integrity
bug Bug-76 3 New changing swank_type does not update $page->meta->parent
task Task-6 3 New xml action
task Task-11 3 New caching for expensive pages
bug Bug-66 3 New inheritance bug
task Task-15 3 New Applications wishlist
task Task-40 3 New search results
task Task-54 3 New redlinks and external links
task Task-46 3 New update notification plugin
task Task-52 3 New page templates are /type/template ??
task Task-13 3 In Progress Finish Blog features
bug Bug-77 3 New streamline comments
task Task-82 3 New Convert Class::Mixer to MRO::Compat
task Task-47 3 New FastCGI interface
task Task-88 3 New Translations
bug Bug-5 4 New TEST: in html action: return $self->NEXT vs $io->print($self->NEXT)
task Task-26 4 New rename action
task Task-30 4 New implement subtasks in todo list
task Task-2 4 In Progress Miscellaneous attachments (pdf, doc, etc)
task Task-58 4 New wikifarm enhancement
task Task-86 4 New Attachment enhancements
task Task-44 5 New Try using an xml database as storage
task Task-27 5 New Lucene query parser which understands a 'keyword' syntax
task Task-83 5 New Javascript interpreter

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