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Swank v0.04.04

Type: task
Description: better handling of new actions
Status: In Progress
Priority: 2


better handling of new actions...
        attach, email
        rss, atom
        * /actions for display
        * Swank::Security::show_actions
        * /group/* for permissions
        * actions for a subset of pages  (how?)

Hash for action information (in pages?)

                text (text to show)
                mode(s)? or when to show (based on mode or current action?) (next actions?)
                        list of other actions to show?
                priority  (determine order?)
                (page.action)?  (plugin to Swank::Page?)
                permissions same as (e.g. history same access as html,
                        revert same access as submit,
                        submit same access as edit,
                        delete same access as edit??,
                        attach same access as edit,
                        email same access as html)

                view: html edit attach history emailpage
                edit: submit delete
                history: html history revert
                submit (redirect or re-edit)
                delete (redirect)
                revert (redirect)
                emailpage: (submit)
                attach: (as edit???  maybe no other action--upload on form)
DONE: Swank::Security::show_actions does this
DONE: plugins can add actions by overriding this method.

                  DONE: @group.allow_top_action

/actions.xml is critical for site functioning, and difficult to edit.
Such critical code belongs in a perl class.
The display of actions should be in a page which is easy to edit.