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Swank v0.04.04

Type: task
Description: Finish Blog features
Status: In Progress
Priority: 3



  • add {/blog} to page to turn it into a blog [DONE]
  • sidebar: entry list (need fanciness)
  • small calendar?
  • add class event to calendar (use public calendar_date field)
  • DONE ON KEYSTONE optional email blog entries to class
  • optional blog settings
    • skins!!!
    • customize sidebar
    • sidebar wiki pages
    • sidebar gadgets?
    • links
    • pages (from sub-wiki?)
    • local search?
  • digest break [ {self.more} or {/blog.more} and $entry->digest ]
  • rss feed

Entry feature

  • Title, date, body
  • draft, posting
  • scheduled posting?
  • tags/labels
  • allow comments

Features (from wikipedia)

  • Title, the main title, or headline, of the post.  [title]
  • Body, main content of the post.  [wiki]
  • Permalink, the URL of the full, individual article. [name]
  • Post Date, date and time the post was published. [swank_created]

Interface features:

  • Permanent info (usually in a sidebar)
  • Archives (list/calendar)

A blog entry optionally includes the following:

  • Comments [comments app]
  • Comment Moderation (comments app enhancement? general moderation plugin?)
  • Categories (or tags) - subjects that the entry discusses (with sidebar list)  (todo: tag app)
  • Trackback and or pingback - links to other sites that refer to the entry (probably a plugin)
  • Weblog applications usually offer web syndication service either in the form of RSS or Atom. This allows for other software such as feed aggregators to maintain a current summary of the blog's content. [Plugins/RSS: need a blog-limited feed]

  • Most types of blogware support adding thumbnail images within blog posts. Photo blogging is a separate genre of blogging that deals primarily with images. [attachments]