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Swank v0.04.04

Type: task
Description: update notification plugin
Status: New
Priority: 3


This may turn out to be important for controlling spam and abuse.

It should be fairly configurable, to control

  • when/how often notices are sent
  • who should receive them
  • for what pages/other updates
  • how notification is sent
  • etc?

Use cases:

  • for the whole site, any page or attachment, email admin, immediately (or 1/day)
  • specific user want to monitor a specific page, email or IM, immediately, not more than 1/hour
  • user wants 1/day or 1/week summary of page updates (not attachments)
  • notification of certain type (e.g. new users) or changes in a directory

Depends on a cron plugin for non-immediate notifications?


Swank::Plugins::RSS is done.

need to develop a user:watch rss feed.