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Confluence has a long list of plugins.  (lots of ideas for features)

WikiMatrix Compare them all  (how are we doing?)

Structured wiki session at RCC 2008

Other structured wikis

jotspot was very well done. too bad google killed it.

TWiki claims to be the first structured wiki.  I think it shows.


wikidbase looks interesting. They brag about their substitute for JOINs.  It is essentially an associative database model.

xwiki uses the term "second generation wiki" for its structured features.  See the developers guide for more information.

wagn is a wiki with an interesting approach to structure.  Like: inclusion frames, ajax editing.  Dislike: too much slow javascript, inclusion overused instead of linking.

Other technologies

semi-structured database

Compare with CMS systems?


How do the data structures compare?  Structure-first or wiki-first approach?

Storage engines and issues.  Searching capabilities.

Scripting choices.

Existing applications.