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Swank v0.04.04

Type: task
Description: Need way to introspect fields
Status: In Progress
Priority: 3


Trying an experimental Swank::Page::introspect method, which relies on running the page type under an new 'introspect' mode, and returns a list of hashes with the args to the calls to fields on the page.

Need way to introspect fields
        Store introspection data as xml attributes:
        type="/field/date" etc
        (will help get rid of Page::action)

Bless all field values?
        mostly blessed scalars: Date, Numeric, etc
        blessed page paths autoload page as needed
        blessed objects can stringify for storage
        really need a better date type

A blessed value could refuse to stringify if its value was private (e.g. email address)

Need to be able to "show" a field correctly (e.g. select fields)
        field/select inherits from field
                need to make inheritance work
        field.wiki calls .edit .show .submit based on mode
                maybe based on top_action instead of mode?
        WHAT ABOUT editing field/select ?
                if $page =~ m/field/ ...