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Type: task
Description: change submit to save, use submit for public forms
Status: DONE
Priority: 1


This will be difficult and maybe painful, but I think it will help a lot.

The public forms have problems with the entered valued being saved permanently, which is especially annoying on the login form.  It is also annoying to have to do the subpage and explicitly set edit mode to get the form to come up.

A public form should be a wiki template, which when shown has the fields always active for input.  It would show a submit button (with definable caption) in the page, away from the normal action bar.

"Submit" would be the default action for pressing the button, but we could support multiple buttons and other actions perhaps.  This needs more work with the action rewrite task.

FIXED  Also, we do not need the form tag around the page in html mode, and it occasionally causes a page to get submitted with nothing, blanking itself out.

Change from submit to save DONE

Pages needing update:

  • email DONE
  • emailpage DONE
  • search 
  • anyedit DONE
  • images
  • login DONE
  • logout DONE
  • forgot_password DONE
  • field
  • field/*
  • group/public_form
  • group/loggedin