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This is the Swank Documentation Wiki.

What is Swank?  Read the Overview.

Short Answer:  Swank is a Structured Wiki.

A wiki is a living document, which may be continually edited and updated by a group of people.

Having structure means your document is not limited to unstructured text.  You can also have database fields, relations, and groups of documents with similar structures.

Need a wiki?  That's the default structure.

Need a blog?  That's just a wiki with dated entries.

Need comments on your pages?  Those are just pages which are attached to other pages.

Need a user directory?  Those are wiki pages with entries for name, email, etc.

Need a calendar?  Events are just wiki pages organized by date and time.

How about a todo list?  Just orgranize your wiki pages by priority and status.

Something else?  Write your template and script it, all from within the wiki.


The Swank core system is a modular set of Classes, so that functions can be added, changed, or replaced without impacting other parts of the system.

Plugins are modules which are included in the core system, to provide new functionality.  They may be supported by specific pages in the system to provide a user interface.

Apps also provide new functionality, but they are able to do it without changes to the core system.  They are a page or set of pages which can be easily installed on a system.  (at least, they could if we had xml export/import working)

The appearance of an entire site (or subsite) can be changed with skins.  These consist of a layout file for the site, and supporting css files.

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