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Swank v0.04.04

Type: task
Description: Comments app
Status: DONE
Priority: 3


Documented on app-comments

comments pages linked to main page, show with search('link:"$page->{path}"',sort=>date)

Standard way to add comments ability to a: single page, group of pages (via site wrap): /comments/list

disable_comments field to cancel site wrapped comments

needed fields:

  • wiki field,
  • title
  • date entered (not swank_modified - need new swank_created metadata), 
  • author (swank_author)

considerations: moderation?  public access? 

could add a moderate field and a page to list unmoderated comments.  check ok or delete.  default list does not show unmoderated comments.

on page editing???

Should comments appear below the action bar?

John Williams - 03 Nov 2008 08:34pm

'low (on Task-41)


John Williams - 03 Nov 2008 08:34pm

Swank_created (on Task-41)

DONE  added swank_created date to core.

John Williams - 14 Nov 2008 02:09pm

Link path (on Task-41)

link should get a blessed path, but not working somehow...

John Williams - 14 Nov 2008 01:31pm

Another test (on Task-41)

modified so that user and link are shown correctly when comment is created